Compilation Issues

Have you: If your system's having problems finding the fortran compiler, try
> ./configure F77=gfortran
> make
for the gfortran compiler (replace with the name of the one you want to use, eg ifort, g77-34 etc). Alternatively, if you prefer, try the old school makefile: drop it into your SOFTSUSY directory, edit the C++ and fortran compiler entries and just do a
> make
Good luck!

Specific Reported Issues

8/4/2011: NB fort77 does NOT work, due to a bug in the compiler - some systems will pick this one if you do not specify the F77 flag.


> ./configure F77=gfortran
> make
There has been a report (2009) on a new macbook air that the C++ automatically compiles with 64-bit, whereas fortran compiles in 32-bit architecture. Passing -m64 to fortran (or -m32 to C++) should sort this problem out. Thanks to James Wells and Pietro Slavich for this report. You can do it by
> ./configure CFLAGS=-arch=x86_64 F77=gfortran FFLAGS=-m64
> make

Another report 03/06/10 is of an error like:

can't find std::ctype::_M_widen_init() const
This is apparently due to a bug in gcc-4.4 when the code is optimised. So far, I've had one report of this from a Mac user. Turn optimisation off by removing the two "-O2" in the file, then do
> make clean
> ./configure
> make

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