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10 #ifndef HIGHERORDER_H
11 #define HIGHERORDER_H
13 typedef struct{
14  //Inputs
15  double gp, g, g3, ytop, ybot, ytau;
16  double vu, vd, mu, Q;
17  double m1, m2, m3, atop, abot, atau, b, m2Hu, m2Hd;
18  double m2Q[3], m2u[3], m2d[3], m2L[3], m2e[3];
19  // DGRDGR added mh0:
20  double mtop, mh0;
21  //Outputs
22  double mgluino;
23  double mstop1, mstop2, msbot1, msbot2, muL, mdL, mcL, msL, muR, mdR, mcR, msR;
25 } supermodel;
27 #ifdef __cplusplus
28  extern "C" void higherorder(supermodel &smodel);
29 #else
30  void higherorder(supermodel *smodel);
31 #endif
33 #endif
double m1
decay global variable declarations
Definition: decays.cpp:14
int expandAroundGluinoPole
Default: expand around gluino and squark pole masses.
Definition: def.cpp:82
Definition: higher_order.h:13