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59 #include <iostream>
60 #include <string>
61 #include "mycomplex.h"
62 #include "linalg.h"
63 #include "lowe.h"
64 #include "rge.h"
65 #include "softsusy.h"
66 #include "softpars.h"
67 #include "susy.h"
68 #include "utils.h"
69 #include "numerics.h"
70 using namespace softsusy;
72 namespace NR {
73  extern int nn;
74  extern DoubleVector fvec;
75 }
77  extern void (*nrfuncv)(int n, DoubleVector v, DoubleVector & f);
DoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision.
Definition: linalg.h:35
DoubleVector and DoubleMatrix classes of doubles and operations between them, complexified copies als...
QedQcd object contains Standard Model quark and lepton masses. It integrates them using 3 loop qcd x ...
complex numbers and operators between them
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
numerical routines - differential equation solver, differentiator and function minimiser for instance
RGE objects consisting of energy scale and parameters and loops (order in perturbation theory) and th...
Soft SUSY breaking parameters.
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
MssmSusy contains all SUSY couplings and tan beta, as well as their beta functions.
A few handy bits and pieces - little mathematical functions and the like.