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13 #ifndef MSSM_TWO_LOOP_AS_H
14 #define MSSM_TWO_LOOP_AS_H
16 #include <iosfwd>
17 #include <limits>
19 namespace flexiblesusy {
20 namespace mssm_twoloop_as {
22 using Real = long double;
24 struct Parameters {
25  Real g3{};
26  Real yt{};
27  Real yb{};
28  Real mt{};
29  Real mb{};
30  Real mg{};
31  Real mst1{};
32  Real mst2{};
33  Real msb1{};
34  Real msb2{};
35  Real msd1{};
36  Real msd2{};
37  Real xt{};
38  Real xb{};
39  Real mw{};
40  Real mz{};
41  Real mh{};
42  Real mH{};
43  Real mC{};
44  Real mA{};
45  Real mu{};
46  Real tb{};
47  Real Q{};
48 };
51 Real delta_alpha_s_2loop_as_as(const Parameters&);
54 Real delta_alpha_s_2loop_at_as(const Parameters&);
57 Real delta_alpha_s_2loop_ab_as(const Parameters&);
59 std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const Parameters&);
61 } // namespace mssm_twoloop_as
62 } // namespace flexiblesusy
64 #endif
ostream & operator<<(ostream &left, const FlavourMssmSoftsusy &m)
Formatted output.
Definition: flavoursoft.cpp:217
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:24
Real mu
MSSM mu superpotential parameter DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:45
Real mH
MSSM heavy CP-even Higgs mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:42
Real mb
MSSM bottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:29
Real mst1
MSSM light stop mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:31
Real xb
MSSM sbottom mixing parameter DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:38
Real mw
MSSM W boson mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:39
Real yt
MSSM top Yukawa coupling DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:26
Real mh
MSSM light CP-even Higgs mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:41
Real mst2
MSSM heavy stop mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:32
Real msb2
MSSM heavy sbottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:34
Real mz
MSSM Z boson mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:40
Real mC
MSSM charged Higgs mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:43
Real xt
MSSM stop mixing parameter DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:37
Real mA
MSSM CP-odd Higgs mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:44
Real mt
MSSM top mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:28
Real g3
MSSM strong gauge coupling DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:25
Real yb
MSSM bottom Yukawa coupling DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:27
Real msb1
MSSM light sbottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:33
Real Q
renormalization scale
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:47
Real msd1
MSSM light sdown mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:35
Real msd2
MSSM heavy sdown mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:36
Real mg
MSSM gluino mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:30
Real tb
MSSM tan(beta) DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_as.h:46