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15 #include "numerics.h"
16 #include "def.h"
17 #include <array>
18 #include <cmath>
19 #include <limits>
21 namespace softsusy {
23  struct Parameters {
24  Parameters() = default;
25  Parameters(double g3_, double mt_, double mb_, double mg_,
26  double mst1_, double mst2_,
27  double msb1_, double msb2_,
28  double msusy_,
29  double xt_, double xb_, double Q_)
30  : g3(g3_), mt(mt_), mb(mb_), mg(mg_)
31  , mst1(mst1_), mst2(mst2_)
32  , msb1(msb1_), msb2(msb2_)
33  , msusy(msusy_)
34  , xt(xt_), xb(xb_), Q(Q_)
35  {}
37  double g3{};
38  double mt{};
39  double mb{};
40  double mg{};
41  double mst1{};
42  double mst2{};
43  double msb1{};
44  double msb2{};
45  double msusy{};
46  double xt{};
47  double xb{};
48  double Q{};
49  };
52  double delta_mb_2loop(const Parameters&);
54  double delta_mb_2loop(double g3, double mt, double mb, double mg,
55  double mst1, double mst2, double msb1, double msb2,
56  double msusy, double thetat, double thetab, double q);
58 }
60 #endif
switches (options) and parameters such as default fermion masses, required accuracy etc
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
double delta_mb_2loop(const Parameters &pars)
2-loop full SQCD contributions to mb [arXiv:0707.0650]
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.cpp:179
numerical routines - differential equation solver, differentiator and function minimiser for instance
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:23
double msb1
MSSM light sbottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:43
double xt
MSSM sbottom mixing parameter DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:46
double g3
MSSM strong gauge coupling DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:37
double mg
MSSM gluino mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:40
double mst1
MSSM light stop mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:41
double msb2
MSSM heavy sbottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:44
double mst2
MSSM heavy stop mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:42
double msusy
MSSM light squark masses DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:45
double mb
SM bottom mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:39
double mt
MSSM top mass DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:38
double xb
MSSM stop mixing parameter DR-bar.
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:47
double Q
renormalization scale
Definition: mssm_twoloop_mb.h:48