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softsusy.cpp File Reference
#include "./softsusy.h"


 global variable declaration


#define HR   "----------------------------------------------------------"


double softsusy::ftCalc (double x)
void softsusy::printShortInitialise ()
 Prints out header line for print-short output. More...
double softsusy::minimufb3 (double lnH2)
double softsusy::rho2 (double r)
 Two-loop Standard Model corrections to rho parameter. More...
double softsusy::fEff (double x)
 function used for calculating sin theta_eff
double softsusy::gEff (double x)
 function used for calculating sin theta_eff
double softsusy::sualfs (double qsq, double alam4, double tmass)
double softsusy::ssmqcd (double dm, double dq, double mtopPole)
 another function which mimics Isajet's handling of quark masses
double softsusy::lep2Likelihood (double mh)
 Fit to LEP2 Standard Model results. More...
DoubleVector softsusy::mhIntegrand (double mh, const DoubleVector &)
double softsusy::lnLHiggs (double mh)
 returns the smeared log likelihood coming from LEP2 Higgs mass bounds More...

Detailed Description

Project: SOFTSUSY Author: Ben Allanach Manual: hep-ph/0104145, Comp. Phys. Comm. 143 (2002) 305 Webpage: