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ComplexVector Class Reference

Vector of double complex values. More...

#include <linalg.h>

Inheritance diagram for ComplexVector:
Indexable< Complex, ComplexVector >

Public Member Functions

 ComplexVector (int e)
 ComplexVector (int s, int e)
template<class E >
ComplexVectoroperator= (const Xpr< Complex, E > &x)
 this is the only required operator to make this class work with ETs
ComplexVectoroperator= (const ComplexVector &other)
template<typename E >
 ComplexVector (const Xpr< Complex, E > &v)
Complexoperator() (int i)
 reference one element
Complex operator() (int i) const
Complex display (int i) const
 display ith element
void set (int i, Complex f)
 set ith element to f
int displayStart () const
 displays start of dimension
int displayEnd () const
 displays end of dimension
const ComplexVectordisplay () const
 displays whole vector
void setEnd (int e)
ComplexVector apply (Complex(*fn)(Complex)) const
 Apply fn to every element.
Complex max () const
 maximum absolute value More...
Complex min (int &p) const
 smallest absolute element
void swap (int i, int j)
 swap ith and jth elements
- Public Member Functions inherited from Indexable< Complex, ComplexVector >
Complex operator() (int n) const
int displayStart () const
int displayEnd () const
ComplexVectorassign_from (const Xpr< Complex, E > &x)
ComplexVector copy_from (const Xpr< Complex, E > &x)
Indexableoperator+= (const Xpr< Complex, E > &x)
Indexableoperator-= (const Xpr< Complex, E > &x)
Indexableoperator*= (Complex x)


class ComplexMatrix

Detailed Description

Vector of double complex values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ComplexVector() [1/2]

ComplexVector::ComplexVector ( int  e)
eDefault dimensions start at 1, end at e

◆ ComplexVector() [2/2]

ComplexVector::ComplexVector ( int  s,
int  e 
eDimension starts at s and ends at e

Member Function Documentation

◆ max()

Complex ComplexVector::max ( ) const

maximum absolute value

maximum absolute value, determined by definition of Complex::operator<(const Complex &) in mycomplex.h

◆ setEnd()

void ComplexVector::setEnd ( int  e)

Changes the length of a vector - copies as many elements of old one as possible, and fills any extra up with zeroes

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