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softsusy::Approx Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for softsusy::Approx:
softsusy::MssmSoftsusy softsusy::QedQcd softsusy::FlavourMssmSoftsusy softsusy::NmssmSoftsusy softsusy::RpvSoftsusy softsusy::RpvNeutrino

Public Member Functions

const ApproxdisplayApprox () const
const Approxoperator= (const Approx &)
 Approx (const Approx &a)
 Approx (int l, int t)
void setLoops (int l)
 Set number of loops used.
void setThresholds (int t)
int displayLoops () const
 Return number of loops.
int displayThresholds () const
 Return level of threshold approximation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setThresholds()

void softsusy::Approx::setThresholds ( int  t)

Set level of threshold approximation used. It's typically used in the beta functions or boundary conditions.

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