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softsusy::NMSSM_input Class Reference

class for NMSSM input parameters More...

#include <nmssmUtils.h>

Public Types

enum  NMSSM_parameters {
  tanBeta , mHd2 , mHu2 , mu ,
  BmuOverCosBetaSinBeta , lambda , kappa , Alambda ,
  Akappa , lambdaS , xiF , xiS ,
  muPrime , mPrimeS2 , mS2 , GUTlambda ,

Public Member Functions

void set (NMSSM_parameters, double)
 set parameter to given value
double get (NMSSM_parameters) const
 get value of parameter
DoubleVector get_nmpars () const
 returns vector with supersymmetric NMSSM parameters
bool is_set (NMSSM_parameters par) const
 returns true if parameter was set, false otherwise
bool is_Z3_symmetric () const
 returns true if input parameter set defines a Z3 symmetric NMSSM
void check_setup ()
 checks the NMSSM parameter setup, throws if not SLHA2 conform


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const NMSSM_input &)

Detailed Description

class for NMSSM input parameters

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