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11 #include <iostream>
12 #include <sstream>
13 #include <cstring>
14 #include "mycomplex.h"
15 #include "linalg.h"
16 #include "lowe.h"
17 #include "rge.h"
18 #include "softsusy.h"
19 #include "decays.h"
21 #include "flavoursoft.h"
22 #include "nmssmsoftsusy.h"
23 #include "softpars.h"
24 #include "physpars.h"
25 #include "susy.h"
26 #include "utils.h"
27 #include "numerics.h"
28 #include "twoloophiggs.h"
29 #include "dilogwrap.h"
30 #include "rpvneut.h"
31 #include "mssmjacobian.h"
32 using namespace softsusy;
35 bool starts_with(const std::string& str,
36  const std::string& prefix) {
37  return !, prefix.size(), prefix);
38 }
40 double get_value(const std::string& str, const std::string& prefix) {
41  return atof(str.substr(prefix.size()).c_str());
42 }
44 int get_valuei(const std::string& str, const std::string& prefix) {
45  return atoi(str.substr(prefix.size()).c_str());
46 }
48 bool contains_only_whitespace(const std::string& str) {
49  return str.find_first_not_of(" \t") == string::npos;
50 }
52 namespace softsusy {
54  void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
55 }
59 inline double mgutCheck(char * a, bool & gaugeUnification,
60  bool & ewsbBCscale) {
61  gaugeUnification = false; ewsbBCscale = false;
62  if (!strcmp(a, "--mgut=?") || !strcmp(a,"--mgut=unified")) {
63  gaugeUnification = true;
64  return 2.0e16;
65  }
66  if (!strcmp(a, "--mgut=msusy")) {
67  ewsbBCscale = true;
68  return 1.0e3;
69  }
70  else return get_value(a, "--mgut");
71 }
74 void errorCall();
DoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision.
Definition: linalg.h:35
Contains all supersymmetric MSSM parameters, incorporating R_p MSSM.
Definition: softsusy.h:74
Code calculates decay modes and prints out an SLHA format file with them in. For R-parity conserving ...
Dilog function.
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
DoubleVector and DoubleMatrix classes of doubles and operations between them, complexified copies als...
QedQcd object contains Standard Model quark and lepton masses. It integrates them using 3 loop qcd x ...
Provides routines for calculating Jacobian fine-tuning.
complex numbers and operators between them
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Requested by CMS.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:180
NmssmSoftsusy object contains all the NMSSM functionality: SUSY breaking and preserving parameters,...
numerical routines - differential equation solver, differentiator and function minimiser for instance
Flags for potential problems in sProblem structure, and structure for containing physical MSSM parame...
RGE objects consisting of energy scale and parameters and loops (order in perturbation theory) and th...
Generalisation of RpvMssmSoftsusy object to include the loop corrections to neutrino masses and to th...
Soft SUSY breaking parameters.
void errorCall()
Incorrect input: gives advice on how to supply it.
Definition: softpoint.cpp:31
double mgutCheck(char *a, bool &gaugeUnification, bool &ewsbBCscale)
Definition: softpoint.h:59
bool starts_with(const std::string &str, const std::string &prefix)
string routine for options
Definition: softpoint.h:35
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
MssmSusy contains all SUSY couplings and tan beta, as well as their beta functions.
Contains two-loop routines from Slavich et al.
A few handy bits and pieces - little mathematical functions and the like.