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softsusy::sBrevity Struct Reference

Contains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster. More...

#include <susy.h>

Inheritance diagram for softsusy::sBrevity:

Public Member Functions

 sBrevity ()
 Constructor fills sruct with zeroes by default.
 sBrevity (const sBrevity &)
 Constructor sets struct to be equal to another.
const sBrevityoperator= (const sBrevity &)
 Sets struct to be equal to another.
void calculate (const DoubleMatrix &yu, const DoubleMatrix &yd, const DoubleMatrix &ye, const DoubleVector &g)

Public Attributes

DoubleMatrix dt
DoubleMatrix ut
DoubleMatrix et
DoubleMatrix u2
DoubleMatrix d2
DoubleMatrix e2
DoubleMatrix u2t
DoubleMatrix e2t
DoubleMatrix d2t
DoubleVector gsq
 gsq= \(g_i^2\), g3= \(g_i^3\), g4= \(g_i^4\)
DoubleVector g3
DoubleVector g4
double uuT
 uuT= \(Tr(Y_U^T Y_U)\), ddt= \(Tr(Y_D^T Y_D)\), eet= \(Tr(Y_E^T Y_E)\)
double ddT
double eeT
DoubleMatrix u1
 d1= \(Y_D\), u1= \(Y_U\), e1= \(Y_E\)
DoubleMatrix d1
DoubleMatrix e1

Detailed Description

Contains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calculate()

void softsusy::sBrevity::calculate ( const DoubleMatrix yu,
const DoubleMatrix yd,
const DoubleMatrix ye,
const DoubleVector g 

Calculates all the data given Yukawa matrices yu, yd and ye and gauge couplings g

Member Data Documentation

◆ dt

DoubleMatrix softsusy::sBrevity::dt

dt= \(Y_D^T\), ut= \(Y_U^T\), et= \(Y_E^T\), u2= \(Y_U Y_U^T\), d2= \(Y_D Y_D^T\), e2= \(Y_E Y_E^T\), u2t= \(Y_U^T Y_U\), d2t= \(Y_D^T Y_D\), e2t= \(Y_E^T Y_E\)

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