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softsusy::sPhysical Struct Reference

Masses of the physical particles. More...

#include <physpars.h>

Inheritance diagram for softsusy::sPhysical:

Public Member Functions

 sPhysical ()
 Constructor: initialises with zeroes.
 sPhysical (const sPhysical &)
const sPhysicaldisplaysPhysical () const
 Displays the object in situations where a const is required.
void setsPhysical (const sPhysical &s)
 Sets whole contents to those of another object s.
const sPhysicaloperator= (const sPhysical &s)
 Sets whole contents to those of another object s.
void display (double *a) const
 Displays contents in a C-style convention *a (starts with index zero)
DoubleVector display () const
 Displays contents in a vector.
int size () const
 size of vector containing all elements
void set (const DoubleVector &)
 sets contents from a vector

Public Attributes

DoubleVector mh0
DoubleVector mA0
double mHpm
DoubleVector msnu
 sneutrino masses
DoubleVector mch
 chargino/neutralino masses: ordered
DoubleVector mneut
double mGluino
 Gluino mass.
DoubleMatrix mixNeut
 neutralino mixing
double thetaL
 chargino and third family mixing angles
double thetaR
double thetat
double thetab
double thetatau
double thetamu
DoubleMatrix mu
 sparticle masses in order (i=L/R, family)
DoubleMatrix md
DoubleMatrix me
double thetaH
 Higgs mixing angle (alpha)
double thetaA0
DoubleMatrix mixh0
 Higgs mixing matrices.

Detailed Description

Masses of the physical particles.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sPhysical()

softsusy::sPhysical::sPhysical ( const sPhysical s)

Constructor copies another object

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