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utils.cpp File Reference
#include "utils.h"


double frexp (const Complex &c, int *i)
 Gives exponent of the largest number: either imaginary or real part.
void FPE_ExceptionHandler (int)
 Exception handler - will even trap errors in the fortran portion. More...
int theta (double a)
 Standard theta function: 1 is a>0, 0 otherwise.
void outputCharacteristics (int n)
 Sets number of decimal places to display in scientific output.
double toleranceCheck (double a, double b)
 Finds fractional difference between |a| and |b|.
void printRow (ostream &out, double x)
bool testNan (double f)
bool close (double m1, double m2, double tol)
bool close (Complex m1, Complex m2, double tol)
 Requres that both the real and imaginary parts are close.

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ close()

bool close ( double  m1,
double  m2,
double  tol 

Checks if ABSOLUTE (or squared) values are closer than tol, or both numbers are smaller than EPSTOL

◆ FPE_ExceptionHandler()

void FPE_ExceptionHandler ( int  nErrType)

Exception handler - will even trap errors in the fortran portion.

< This reverts back to softsusy code!

◆ printRow()

void printRow ( ostream &  o,
double  x 

Outputs a space if greater than zero, a minus otherwise. Useful for outputting negative numbers in rows

◆ testNan()

bool testNan ( double  f)

Returns true if f's a nan. Unfortunately, the behaviour of this function is not standardised across all platforms yet.