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Particle Class Reference

Particle class definition for decays. More...

#include <particle.h>

Public Attributes

string name
 name of the parent
double mass
 mass of the parent
int PDG
 PDG code of parent.
int No_of_Decays
 How many decay modes.
int No_1to2_Decays
 How many 2-body decay modes.
int No_1to3_Decays
 How many 3-body decay modes.
int No_1to4_Decays
 How many 4-body decay modes.
int No_grav_Decays
 How many decays to gravitinos.
int No_NMSSM_Decays
 How many NMSSM specific modes.
double total_width
double two_width
 Total width of 2-body modes.
double three_width
 Total width of 3-body modes.
double four_width
 Total width of 4-body modes

vector< vector< double > > Array_Decays
 Partial width for each decay.
vector< string > Array_Comments
 Comments for SLHA file.

Detailed Description

Particle class definition for decays.

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