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softsusy::RpvSoftPars Class Reference

Contains RPV MSSM soft SUSY breaking parameters. More...

#include <rpvsusypars.h>

Inheritance diagram for softsusy::RpvSoftPars:
softsusy::RpvSoftsusy softsusy::RpvNeutrino

Public Member Functions

 RpvSoftPars ()
 bilinear RPV parameters: 1..3 More...
 RpvSoftPars (const RpvSoftPars &)
 Constructor sets object with another as copy.
 RpvSoftPars (const DoubleVector &m, const Tensor &hu, const Tensor &hd, const Tensor &he, const DoubleVector &d)
const RpvSoftParsoperator= (const RpvSoftPars &s)
 Sets contents of operator equal to those of another.
void setDr (const DoubleVector &V)
 Sets bilinear RPV D parameters equal to a vector.
void setD (int, double)
 Sets an individual bilinear RPV D parameter.
void setMh1lSquared (int i, double f)
 Sets a single \( m_{H_1 L_i}^2 \).
void setMh1lSquared (const DoubleVector &v)
 Sets all \( m_{H_1 L_i}^2 \).
void setHr (RpvCouplings, int, int, int, double)
 Sets an element of \( h_U \)=hu, \( h_D \)=hd or \( h_E \)=he.
void setHr (RpvCouplings, const Tensor &)
 Sets all elements of \( h_U \)=hu, \( h_D \)=hd or \( h_E \)=he.
void set (const DoubleVector &v, int &k)
void setRpvSoftPars (const RpvSoftPars &s)
 Sets all parameters in object equal to those in another.
const RpvSoftParsdisplayRpvSoft () const
 Returns object as a const.
const TensordisplayHr (RpvCouplings) const
 Returns one of RPV \( h_{U,D,E} \) parameter tensors.
const DoubleVectordisplayMh1lSquared () const
 Returns vector of \( m_{H_1 L_i}^2 \).
const DoubleVectordisplayDr () const
 Returns vector of $D$ parameters.
void checkOut (double tol) const
void display (DoubleVector &v, int &k) const

Detailed Description

Contains RPV MSSM soft SUSY breaking parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RpvSoftPars() [1/2]

softsusy::RpvSoftPars::RpvSoftPars ( )

bilinear RPV parameters: 1..3

Default constructor contains zeroes

◆ RpvSoftPars() [2/2]

softsusy::RpvSoftPars::RpvSoftPars ( const DoubleVector m,
const Tensor hu,
const Tensor hd,
const Tensor he,
const DoubleVector d 

\( m_{H_1 L}^2 \)=m, \( h_U \)=hu, \( h_D \)=hd, \( h_E \)=he, \( D \)=d

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkOut()

void softsusy::RpvSoftPars::checkOut ( double  tol) const

Only outputs matrices with non-zero elements (ie with at least one element higher than tol)

◆ display()

void softsusy::RpvSoftPars::display ( DoubleVector v,
int &  k 
) const

Returns whole object as a vector, and adds number of contained parameters to k

◆ set()

void softsusy::RpvSoftPars::set ( const DoubleVector v,
int &  k 

Obligatory set function which sets all parameters to be equal to elements of the vector v. k is incremented by the number of parameters contained

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