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11 #ifndef DECAYS_H
12 #define DECAYS_H
14 #include "nmssmsoftsusy.h"
15 #include "softsusy.h"
16 #include "physpars.h"
17 #include "lowe.h"
18 #include "def.h"
19 #include "softpars.h"
20 #include "softsusy.h"
21 #include "flavoursoft.h"
22 #include "susy.h"
23 #include "particle.h"
24 #include "twoBodyDecays.h"
25 #include "threeBodyDecays.h"
26 #include <iostream>
27 #include <cstring>
28 #include <stdlib.h>
29 #include <cmath>
30 #include <stdlib.h>
31 #include <vector>
32 #include <iomanip>
33 #include <complex>
35 using namespace std;
38 extern double m1, m2, m3, m4, mq, m5, m6, m7, m8, MZboson, MWboson, mh,
39  mH, mA, mphi, betavac, g1, g2, alphamix;
40 extern int neutralinoj, neutralinoi, AorhorH;
41 extern DoubleMatrix NeutMIX;
44 int calculateDecays(ostream & out, MssmSoftsusy * r,
45  vector<Particle> & decayTable,
46  const NmssmSoftsusy & nmssm, bool nmssmIsIt);
48 #endif
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
Contains all supersymmetric NMSSM parameters, incorporating R_p NMSSM.
Definition: nmssmsoftsusy.h:42
switches (options) and parameters such as default fermion masses, required accuracy etc ...
QedQcd object contains Standard Model quark and lepton masses. It integrates them using 3 loop qcd x ...
int calculateDecays(ostream &out, MssmSoftsusy *r, vector< Particle > &decayTable, const NmssmSoftsusy &nmssm, bool nmssmIsIt)
Calculate Decays does all decay table calculations and outputs.
Definition: decays.cpp:20
MssmSusy contains all SUSY couplings and tan beta, as well as their beta functions.
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
double m1
global decay variables
Definition: decays.cpp:14
Matrix from 1..rows, 1..cols of double values.
Definition: linalg.h:214
NmssmSoftsusy object contains all the NMSSM functionality: SUSY breaking and preserving parameters...
Flags for potential problems in sProblem structure, and structure for containing physical MSSM parame...
Code calculates two body decay modes of sparticles and Higgs. See arxiv:1703.09717.
Soft SUSY breaking parameters.
Contains all supersymmetric MSSM parameters, incorporating R_p MSSM.
Definition: softsusy.h:72
Definitions of particles and container for decay widths.
Code calculates three-body decay modes and prints out an SLHA format file with them in...