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lowe.cpp File Reference
#include "lowe.h"


 global variable declaration


ostream & softsusy::operator<< (ostream &, const QedQcd &)
 Input numbers into the object: by file stream.
istream & softsusy::operator>> (istream &left, QedQcd &m)
 Formatted output from QedQcd object.
DoubleVector softsusy::gaugeDerivs (double, const DoubleVector &)
 Returns beta functions of alpha, alpha_s only.
double softsusy::getRunMtFromMz (double poleMt, double asMZ)
 Given pole mass and alphaS(MZ), returns running top mass – one loop qcd.
double softsusy::getRunMt (double poleMt, double asmt)
double softsusy::getAsmt (double mtop, double alphasMz)
void softsusy::massFermions (const QedQcd &r, DoubleMatrix &mDon, DoubleMatrix &mUpq, DoubleMatrix &mEle)
 Returns diagonal fermion mass matrices given input object r.

Detailed Description