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softsusy::QedQcd Class Reference

Quark and lepton masses and gauge couplings in QEDxQCD effective theory. More...

#include <lowe.h>

Inheritance diagram for softsusy::QedQcd:
softsusy::RGE softsusy::Approx

Public Member Functions

 QedQcd ()
 Initialises with default values defined in lowe.h.
 QedQcd (const QedQcd &)
 Initialises object with another.
const QedQcdoperator= (const QedQcd &m)
 Sets two objects equal.
void setPoleMt (double mt)
void setPoleMb (double mb)
 set pole top mass
void setPoleMtau (double mtau)
 set pole bottom mass
void setMbMb (double mb)
 set pole tau mass
void setMass (mass mno, double m)
 sets a running quark mass More...
void setAlpha (leGauge ai, double ap)
 sets QED or QCD structure constant
void setAlphaMz (leGauge ai, double ap)
void set (const DoubleVector &)
 For exporting beta functions to Runge-Kutta.
double displayPoleMt () const
 Display pole top mass.
double displayPoleMtau () const
 Display pole tau mass.
double displayPoleMb () const
 Returns bottom "pole" mass.
const DoubleVectordisplayMass () const
 Returns a vector of running fermion masses.
double displayMass (mass mno) const
 Returns a single running mass.
double displayAlpha (leGauge ai) const
 Returns a single gauge structure constant.
double displayAlphaMz (leGauge ai) const
const DoubleVector display () const
 Obgligatory: returns vector of all running parameters.
double displayMbMb () const
 Returns mb(mb) MSbar.
int flavours (double) const
double qedBeta () const
 returns number of active flavours More...
double qcdBeta () const
 QCD beta function.
void massBeta (DoubleVector &) const
DoubleVector beta () const
 Beta functions of both beta-functions and all MSbar masses.
void runGauge (double start, double end)
 Does not run the masses, just gauge couplings from start to end.
double extractPoleMb (double asMb)
 calculates pole bottom mass given alpha_s(Mb)^{MSbar} from running b mass
double extractRunningMb (double asMb)
 Done at pole mb: extracts running mb(polemb)
void calcRunningMb ()
 calculates running bottom mass given alpha_s(Mb)^{MSbar} from pole m_b
void calcPoleMb ()
void toMt ()
 Evolves object to running top mass.
void toMz ()
 Evolves object to MZ.
DoubleVector getGaugeMu (const double m2, const double sinth) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from softsusy::RGE
 RGE ()
 Default constructor fills data with zeroes.
void setMu (double e)
 Sets renormalisation scale to e.
virtual void setmu (double f)
void setPars (int i)
 Set number of parameters in RGE object.
double displayMu () const
 Return renomalisation scale.
int howMany () const
 Return number of parameters.
const RGEdisplayRGE () const
virtual int run (double from, double to, double eps=-1.0)
 Runs parameters from scale "from" to "to, eps is fractional accuracy.
virtual int runto (double to, double eps=-1.0)
 Runs parameters to scale "to", eps is accuracy.
int callRK (double x1, double x2, DoubleVector &v, DoubleVector(*derivs)(double, const DoubleVector &), double eps=-1.0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from softsusy::Approx
const ApproxdisplayApprox () const
const Approxoperator= (const Approx &)
 Approx (const Approx &a)
 Approx (int l, int t)
void setLoops (int l)
 Set number of loops used.
void setThresholds (int t)
int displayLoops () const
 Return number of loops.
int displayThresholds () const
 Return level of threshold approximation.

Detailed Description

Quark and lepton masses and gauge couplings in QEDxQCD effective theory.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calcPoleMb()

void softsusy::QedQcd::calcPoleMb ( )

Calculates the pole mass from the running mass, which should be defined at mb

◆ getGaugeMu()

DoubleVector softsusy::QedQcd::getGaugeMu ( const double  m2,
const double  sinth 
) const

This will calculate the three gauge couplings of the Standard Model at the scale m2. It's a simple one-loop calculation only and no thresholds are assumed. Range of validity is electroweak to top scale.

◆ massBeta()

void softsusy::QedQcd::massBeta ( DoubleVector x) const

beta functions of masses

◆ qedBeta()

double softsusy::QedQcd::qedBeta ( ) const

returns number of active flavours

QED beta function

◆ setMass()

void softsusy::QedQcd::setMass ( mass  mno,
double  m 

sets a running quark mass

set mb(mb)

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