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12 #ifndef LOWE_H
13 #define LOWE_H
15 #include <iostream>
16 #include <fstream>
17 #include <sstream>
18 #include <cstring>
19 #include "utils.h"
20 #include "linalg.h"
21 #include "rge.h"
24 namespace softsusy {
25 const double MUP = 2.2e-3;
26 const double MDOWN = 4.7e-3;
27 const double MSTRANGE = 0.096;
28 const double MCHARM = 1.27;
29 const double MBOTTOM = 4.18;
30 const double MTOP = 165.0;
32 const double MELECTRON = 5.109989461e-4;
33 const double MMUON = 1.0565835745e-1;
34 const double MTAU = 1.77686;
35 const double ALPHASMZ = 0.1181;
36 const double ALPHAMZ = 1.0 / 127.950;
38 const double PMTOP = 173.21;
39 const double PMBOTTOM = 4.9;
41 const double THETA12CKM = 0.229206;
42 const double THETA13CKM = 0.003960;
43 const double THETA23CKM = 0.042223;
46 typedef enum {mUp=1, mCharm, mTop, mDown, mStrange, mBottom, mElectron,
47  mMuon, mTau} mass;
49 typedef enum {ALPHA=1, ALPHAS} leGauge;
52 DoubleVector gaugeDerivs(double, const DoubleVector &);
55  class QedQcd: public RGE, public Approx {
56  private:
57  DoubleVector a;
58  DoubleVector mf;
59  double mtPole, mbPole;
60  double mbMb;
61  double mtauPole;
62  DoubleVector aMz;
64 public:
65  QedQcd();
66  QedQcd(const QedQcd &);
67  const QedQcd& operator=(const QedQcd & m);
68  virtual ~QedQcd() {};
70  void setPoleMt(double mt) { mtPole = mt; };
71  void setPoleMb(double mb) { mbPole = mb; };
72  void setPoleMtau(double mtau) { mtauPole = mtau; };
73  void setMbMb(double mb) { mbMb = mb; };
75  void setMass(mass mno, double m) { mf(mno) = m; };
77  void setAlpha(leGauge ai, double ap) { a(ai) = ap; };
78  void setAlphaMz(leGauge ai, double ap) { aMz(ai) = ap; };
80  void set(const DoubleVector &);
83  double displayPoleMt() const { return mtPole; };
85  double displayPoleMtau() const { return mtauPole; };
87  double displayPoleMb() const { return mbPole; };
89  const DoubleVector & displayMass() const { return mf; };
91  double displayMass(mass mno) const { return mf.display(mno); };
93  double displayAlpha(leGauge ai) const { return a.display(ai); };
94  double displayAlphaMz(leGauge ai) const { return aMz.display(ai); };
96  const DoubleVector display() const;
98  double displayMbMb() const { return mbMb; }
100  int flavours(double) const;
102  double qedBeta() const;
103  double qcdBeta() const;
104  void massBeta(DoubleVector &) const;
106  DoubleVector beta() const;
109  void runGauge(double start, double end);
111  double extractPoleMb(double asMb);
113  double extractRunningMb(double asMb);
115  void calcRunningMb();
118  void calcPoleMb();
121  void toMt();
123  void toMz();
128  // alpha1 is in the GUT normalisation. sinth = sin^2 thetaW(Q) in MSbar
129  // scheme
130  DoubleVector getGaugeMu(const double m2, const
131  double sinth) const;
132 };
135 ostream & operator <<(ostream &, const QedQcd &);
137 istream & operator >>(istream &left, QedQcd &m);
141 double getRunMt(double poleMt, double asmt);
144 double getAsmt(double mtop, double alphasMz);
146 double getRunMtFromMz(double poleMt, double asMZ);
148 inline QedQcd::QedQcd(const QedQcd &m)
149  : RGE(), Approx(m.displayApprox()), a(m.a), mf(, mtPole(m.mtPole),
150  mbPole(m.mbPole), mbMb(m.mbMb),
151  mtauPole(m.mtauPole), aMz(m.aMz) {
152  setPars(11);
153  setMu(m.displayMu());
154 }
157 void massFermions(const QedQcd & r, DoubleMatrix & mDon,
158  DoubleMatrix & mUpq, DoubleMatrix & mEle);
160 } // namespace softsusy
162 #endif
Matrix from 1..rows, 1..cols of double values.
Definition: linalg.h:214
DoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision.
Definition: linalg.h:35
double display(int i) const
display one element
Definition: linalg.h:90
Definition: rge.h:23
Quark and lepton masses and gauge couplings in QEDxQCD effective theory.
Definition: lowe.h:55
void setMass(mass mno, double m)
sets a running quark mass
Definition: lowe.h:75
DoubleVector beta() const
Beta functions of both beta-functions and all MSbar masses.
Definition: lowe.cpp:240
void toMt()
Evolves object to running top mass.
Definition: lowe.cpp:360
void calcRunningMb()
calculates running bottom mass given alpha_s(Mb)^{MSbar} from pole m_b
Definition: lowe.cpp:317
void setMbMb(double mb)
set pole tau mass
Definition: lowe.h:73
double displayAlpha(leGauge ai) const
Returns a single gauge structure constant.
Definition: lowe.h:93
double displayPoleMt() const
Display pole top mass.
Definition: lowe.h:83
double qedBeta() const
returns number of active flavours
Definition: lowe.cpp:161
void toMz()
Evolves object to MZ.
Definition: lowe.cpp:382
void setAlpha(leGauge ai, double ap)
sets QED or QCD structure constant
Definition: lowe.h:77
void set(const DoubleVector &)
For exporting beta functions to Runge-Kutta.
Definition: lowe.cpp:49
void massBeta(DoubleVector &) const
Definition: lowe.cpp:207
void runGauge(double start, double end)
Does not run the masses, just gauge couplings from start to end.
Definition: lowe.cpp:251
double displayMbMb() const
Returns mb(mb) MSbar.
Definition: lowe.h:98
void setPoleMb(double mb)
set pole top mass
Definition: lowe.h:71
double qcdBeta() const
QCD beta function.
Definition: lowe.cpp:178
const QedQcd & operator=(const QedQcd &m)
Sets two objects equal.
Definition: lowe.cpp:33
void calcPoleMb()
Definition: lowe.cpp:343
double displayPoleMb() const
Returns bottom "pole" mass.
Definition: lowe.h:87
double extractRunningMb(double asMb)
Done at pole mb: extracts running mb(polemb)
Definition: lowe.cpp:266
double displayPoleMtau() const
Display pole tau mass.
Definition: lowe.h:85
double extractPoleMb(double asMb)
calculates pole bottom mass given alpha_s(Mb)^{MSbar} from running b mass
Definition: lowe.cpp:293
const DoubleVector & displayMass() const
Returns a vector of running fermion masses.
Definition: lowe.h:89
double displayMass(mass mno) const
Returns a single running mass.
Definition: lowe.h:91
Initialises with default values defined in lowe.h.
Definition: lowe.cpp:17
const DoubleVector display() const
Obgligatory: returns vector of all running parameters.
Definition: lowe.cpp:56
DoubleVector getGaugeMu(const double m2, const double sinth) const
Definition: lowe.cpp:407
void setPoleMtau(double mtau)
set pole bottom mass
Definition: lowe.h:72
Describes a set of parameters and RGEs in general.
Definition: rge.h:49
void setPars(int i)
Set number of parameters in RGE object.
Definition: rge.h:64
double displayMu() const
Return renomalisation scale.
Definition: rge.h:67
void setMu(double e)
Sets renormalisation scale to e.
Definition: rge.h:59
DoubleVector and DoubleMatrix classes of doubles and operations between them, complexified copies als...
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
const double MTAU
default pole lepton mass from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:34
DoubleVector gaugeDerivs(double x, const DoubleVector &y)
Returns beta functions of alpha, alpha_s only.
Definition: lowe.cpp:440
used to give order of quark masses stored
Definition: lowe.h:46
double getAsmt(double mtop, double alphasMz)
Definition: lowe.cpp:464
const double MSTRANGE
default running quark mass from PDG at 2 GeV
Definition: lowe.h:27
double getRunMt(double poleMt, double asmt)
Definition: lowe.cpp:458
const double MMUON
default pole lepton mass from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:33
const double ALPHASMZ
default running value from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:35
const double MELECTRON
default pole lepton mass from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:32
const double ALPHAMZ
default running alpha(MZ) from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:36
double getRunMtFromMz(double poleMt, double asMZ)
Given pole mass and alphaS(MZ), returns running top mass – one loop qcd.
Definition: lowe.cpp:452
const double THETA13CKM
From Vub in global CKM fit, PDG.
Definition: lowe.h:42
const double MDOWN
default running quark mass from PDG at 2 GeV
Definition: lowe.h:26
const double MUP
default running quark mass from PDG at 2 GeV
Definition: lowe.h:25
const double THETA23CKM
From Vcb/Vtb in global CKM fit, PDG.
Definition: lowe.h:43
const double PMBOTTOM
Definition: lowe.h:39
const double MBOTTOM
default running quark mass from PDG
Definition: lowe.h:29
const double MCHARM
default running quark mass from PDG at 2 GeV
Definition: lowe.h:28
ostream & operator<<(ostream &left, const FlavourMssmSoftsusy &m)
Formatted output.
Definition: flavoursoft.cpp:217
const double PMTOP
PDG 2014.
Definition: lowe.h:38
void massFermions(const QedQcd &r, DoubleMatrix &mDon, DoubleMatrix &mUpq, DoubleMatrix &mEle)
Returns diagonal fermion mass matrices given input object r.
Definition: lowe.cpp:470
order of gauge couplings stored in QedQcd
Definition: lowe.h:49
istream & operator>>(istream &left, flavourPhysical &s)
Formatted input of physical parameters.
Definition: flavoursoft.cpp:1220
const double MTOP
Definition: lowe.h:30
const double THETA12CKM
default central values of CKM matrix elements from PDG 2006 in radians
Definition: lowe.h:41
RGE objects consisting of energy scale and parameters and loops (order in perturbation theory) and th...
A few handy bits and pieces - little mathematical functions and the like.