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11 #ifndef MSSM_UTILS_H
12 #define MSSM_UTILS_H
14 #include <iosfwd>
15 #include <string>
16 #include "utils.h"
17 #include "susy.h"
18 #include "softpars.h"
19 #include "softsusy.h"
21 class DoubleVector;
23 namespace softsusy {
25  struct sBrevity;
26  class MssmSusy; class MssmSoftsusy;
30  void generalBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
33  void generalBcs2(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
35  void extendedSugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
39  void sugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
41  void nuhmI(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
44  void nuhmII(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
46  void amsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
48  void lvsBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
50  void gmsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
52  void userDefinedBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
53  void nonUniGauginos(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
54  void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
59  bool testLEPHiggs(const MssmSoftsusy & r, double error = 3.0);
63  double ufb3fn(double mu, double htau, double h2, int family, const MssmSoftsusy
64  & temp);
70  double getQhat(double inminTol,double eR, double h2, double Lisq, double mx,
71  MssmSoftsusy & temp);
74  double sumTol(const MssmSoftsusy & in, const MssmSoftsusy & out, int numTries);
78  std::string recogLsp(int temp, int j);
81  std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream&, const MssmSoftsusy&);
88  DoubleVector calcMh1SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy & m, double scale);
95  DoubleVector calcMh2SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy & m, double scale);
97 }
99 #endif
void nuhmII(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:108
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
Contains all supersymmetric RPC-MSSM parameters.
Definition: susy.h:71
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
DoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision.
Definition: linalg.h:35
void userDefinedBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
For the user to define....
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:155
void generalBcs2(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
This one doesn't overwrite mh1sq or mh2sq at the high scale.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:24
Contains all supersymmetric MSSM parameters, incorporating R_p MSSM.
Definition: softsusy.h:72
string recogLsp(int temp, int posj)
Prints out what the lsp is.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:363
Contains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster.
Definition: susy.h:31
A few handy bits and pieces - little mathematical functions and the like.
ostream & operator<<(ostream &left, const FlavourMssmSoftsusy &m)
Formatted output.
Definition: flavoursoft.cpp:217
void nuhmI(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Non-universal higgs mass conditions. Paramaters are, in order: m0,m12,mH,a0.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:93
DoubleVector calcMh1SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:434
Soft SUSY breaking parameters.
double getQhat(double inminTol, double eR, double h2, double Lisq, double mx, MssmSoftsusy &temp)
For ufb3direction, returns scale at which one-loop corrections are smallest.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:319
DoubleVector calcMh2SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:473
void extendedSugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
non-universal mSUGRA boundary conditions including mH1^2 and mH2^2
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:40
double sumTol(const MssmSoftsusy &in, const MssmSoftsusy &out, int numTries)
Difference between two SOFTSUSY objects in and out: EWSB terms only.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:343
void gmsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
One-loop GMSB boundary conditions.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:144
void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Requested by CMS.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:180
MssmSusy contains all SUSY couplings and tan beta, as well as their beta functions.
void sugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
universal mSUGRA boundary conditions
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:80
void lvsBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Large Volume string compactification boundary conditions.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:134
void amsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Other types of boundary condition.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:125
void generalBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:11
bool testLEPHiggs(const MssmSoftsusy &r, double error)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:256
double ufb3fn(double mu, double htau, double h2, int family, const MssmSoftsusy &temp)
from hep-ph/9507294 – debugged 19/11/04
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:284
void nonUniGauginos(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:160