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11 #ifndef MSSM_UTILS_H
12 #define MSSM_UTILS_H
14 #include <iosfwd>
15 #include <string>
16 #include "utils.h"
17 #include "susy.h"
18 #include "softpars.h"
19 #include "softsusy.h"
21 class DoubleVector;
23 namespace softsusy {
25  struct sBrevity;
26  class MssmSusy; class MssmSoftsusy;
30  void generalBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
33  void generalBcs2(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
35  void extendedSugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
39  void sugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
41  void nuhmI(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
44  void nuhmII(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
46  void amsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
48  void lvsBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
50  void gmsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
52  void userDefinedBcs(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
53  void nonUniGauginos(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
54  void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy & m, const DoubleVector & inputParameters);
59  bool testLEPHiggs(const MssmSoftsusy & r, double error = 3.0);
63  double ufb3fn(double mu, double htau, double h2, int family, const MssmSoftsusy
64  & temp);
70  double getQhat(double inminTol,double eR, double h2, double Lisq, double mx,
71  MssmSoftsusy & temp);
74  double sumTol(const MssmSoftsusy & in, const MssmSoftsusy & out, int numTries);
78  std::string recogLsp(int temp, int j);
81  std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream&, const MssmSoftsusy&);
88  DoubleVector calcMh1SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy & m, double scale);
95  DoubleVector calcMh2SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy & m, double scale);
97 }
99 #endif
DoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision.
Definition: linalg.h:35
Contains all supersymmetric MSSM parameters, incorporating R_p MSSM.
Definition: softsusy.h:74
Contains all supersymmetric RPC-MSSM parameters.
Definition: susy.h:71
global variable declaration
Definition: def.cpp:13
void nuhmI(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Non-universal higgs mass conditions. Paramaters are, in order: m0,m12,mH,a0.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:93
void nonUniGauginos(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:160
void generalBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:11
void gmsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
One-loop GMSB boundary conditions.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:144
double sumTol(const MssmSoftsusy &in, const MssmSoftsusy &out, int numTries)
Difference between two SOFTSUSY objects in and out: EWSB terms only.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:343
string recogLsp(int temp, int posj)
Prints out what the lsp is.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:363
bool testLEPHiggs(const MssmSoftsusy &r, double error)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:256
void generalBcs2(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
This one doesn't overwrite mh1sq or mh2sq at the high scale.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:24
DoubleVector calcMh2SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:473
void sugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
universal mSUGRA boundary conditions
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:80
void lvsBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Large Volume string compactification boundary conditions.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:134
void nuhmII(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:108
void userDefinedBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
For the user to define....
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:155
void splitGmsb(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Requested by CMS.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:180
double ufb3fn(double mu, double htau, double h2, int family, const MssmSoftsusy &temp)
from hep-ph/9507294 – debugged 19/11/04
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:284
ostream & operator<<(ostream &left, const FlavourMssmSoftsusy &m)
Formatted output.
Definition: flavoursoft.cpp:217
double getQhat(double inminTol, double eR, double h2, double Lisq, double mx, MssmSoftsusy &temp)
For ufb3direction, returns scale at which one-loop corrections are smallest.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:319
DoubleVector calcMh1SqSugraCoeffs(const MssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:434
void amsbBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
Other types of boundary condition.
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:125
void extendedSugraBcs(MssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
non-universal mSUGRA boundary conditions including mH1^2 and mH2^2
Definition: mssmUtils.cpp:40
Soft SUSY breaking parameters.
Header file for RP conserving MSSM object including all (real) soft SUSY breaking parameters and (rea...
Contains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster.
Definition: susy.h:31
MssmSusy contains all SUSY couplings and tan beta, as well as their beta functions.
A few handy bits and pieces - little mathematical functions and the like.