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nmssmUtils.h File Reference

A few handy routines for the NMSSM: SUSY breaking conditions etc. More...

#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#include "linalg.h"
#include "mssmUtils.h"

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class  softsusy::NMSSM_input
 class for NMSSM input parameters More...
class  softsusy::NMSSM_command_line_parser
 class which parses command line options of the NMSSM More...


 global variable declaration


void softsusy::NmssmMsugraBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
void softsusy::focusgmsb (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
void softsusy::MssmMsugraBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
void softsusy::SemiMsugraBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
void softsusy::NmssmSugraNoSoftHiggsMassBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
 NMSSM Msugra, without setting the soft Higgs masses.
void softsusy::extendedNMSugraBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
double softsusy::sumTol (const NmssmSoftsusy &in, const NmssmSoftsusy &out, int numTries)
 LCT: Difference between two NMSSM SOFTSUSY objects in and out: EWSB terms only. More...
ostream & softsusy::operator<< (ostream &left, const NmssmSoftsusy &s)
void softsusy::generalNmssmBcs (NmssmSoftsusy &m, const DoubleVector &inputParameters)
DoubleVector softsusy::calcMh1SqNmssmMsugraCoeffs (const NmssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
DoubleVector softsusy::calcMh1SqSemiMsugraCoeffs (const NmssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
DoubleVector softsusy::calcMh2SqNmssmMsugraCoeffs (const NmssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)
DoubleVector softsusy::calcMh2SqSemiMsugraCoeffs (const NmssmSoftsusy &m, double scale)

Detailed Description

A few handy routines for the NMSSM: SUSY breaking conditions etc.