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tensor.cpp File Reference
#include "tensor.h"


ostream & operator<< (ostream &left, const Tensor &T)
Tensor outerProduct (const DoubleVector &V, const DoubleMatrix &M, int l)
DoubleMatrix matrixify (const Tensor &A, const Tensor &B)
 \( M_{ij} = A^{ikl} B^{jlk} \)
DoubleMatrix sumProd (const Tensor &A, const Tensor &B)
Tensor operator* (double f, const Tensor &M)
 Multiplies all matrices in tensor by a double.
Tensor operator* (const DoubleMatrix &M, const Tensor &T)
 \( T^{kij} = M_{il} T^{klj} \)

Detailed Description

  • Project: SOFTSUSY
  • Author: Ben Allanach
  • Manual: hep-ph/0104145, Comp. Phys. Comm. 143 (2002) 305
  • Webpage:
  • Description: tensor class - 3 index objects encoded as matrices

Function Documentation

◆ outerProduct()

Tensor outerProduct ( const DoubleVector V,
const DoubleMatrix M,
int  l 

Make a tensor out of a vector and a matrix. l labels the position the vector index goes in. After that, indices are cyclic.