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softsusy::RGE Class Referenceabstract

Describes a set of parameters and RGEs in general. More...

#include <rge.h>

Inheritance diagram for softsusy::RGE:
softsusy::MssmSoftsusy softsusy::MssmSusyRGE softsusy::NmssmSusyRGE softsusy::QedQcd softsusy::FlavourMssmSoftsusy softsusy::NmssmSoftsusy softsusy::RpvSoftsusy softsusy::RpvNeutrino

Public Member Functions

 RGE ()
 Default constructor fills data with zeroes.
void setMu (double e)
 Sets renormalisation scale to e.
virtual void setmu (double f)
void setPars (int i)
 Set number of parameters in RGE object.
double displayMu () const
 Return renomalisation scale.
int howMany () const
 Return number of parameters.
const RGEdisplayRGE () const
virtual const DoubleVector display () const =0
virtual void set (const DoubleVector &s)=0
virtual DoubleVector beta () const =0
 Beta functions - all RGE objects must have them.
virtual int run (double from, double to, double eps=-1.0)
 Runs parameters from scale "from" to "to, eps is fractional accuracy.
virtual int runto (double to, double eps=-1.0)
 Runs parameters to scale "to", eps is accuracy.
int callRK (double x1, double x2, DoubleVector &v, DoubleVector(*derivs)(double, const DoubleVector &), double eps=-1.0)

Detailed Description

Describes a set of parameters and RGEs in general.

Member Function Documentation

◆ callRK()

int softsusy::RGE::callRK ( double  x1,
double  x2,
DoubleVector v,
DoubleVector(*)(double, const DoubleVector &)  derivs,
double  eps = -1.0 

Does the actual calling of Runge Kutta: default precision is TOLERANCE. Returns >0 if there's a problem with the running. IO parameters: x1=start renormalisation scale, x2=end renormalisation scale, v=boundary condition on parameters to be run on input, but gets changed to calculated final values on output, function to calculate derivatives are encoded in *derivs, eps is the numerical accuracy

◆ display()

virtual const DoubleVector softsusy::RGE::display ( ) const
pure virtual

Displays all RGE parameters in a double vector. Obligatory function for derived classes.

Implemented in softsusy::MssmSusyRGE, softsusy::MssmSoftsusy, softsusy::RpvSoftsusy, softsusy::NmssmSusyRGE, softsusy::NmssmSoftsusy, and softsusy::QedQcd.

◆ set()

virtual void softsusy::RGE::set ( const DoubleVector s)
pure virtual

Sets all parameters in an RGE object to the contents of s. It's an obligatory function for a derived class.

Implemented in softsusy::NmssmSusyRGE, softsusy::NmssmSoftsusy, softsusy::RpvSoftsusy, softsusy::MssmSusyRGE, softsusy::MssmSoftsusy, and softsusy::QedQcd.

◆ setmu()

virtual void softsusy::RGE::setmu ( double  f)

Default is to just set mu, but if you've got a derived class, you may like to call several setMu's.

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