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 NsoftsusyGlobal variable declaration
 CflavourPhysicalObject containing the physical aspects of flavour mixing etc
 CFlavourMssmSoftsusyThis object is intended to be a flavoursome version of MssmSoftsusy
 CQedQcdQuark and lepton masses and gauge couplings in QEDxQCD effective theory
 CNmssmJacobianClass for calculating Jacobian fine-tuning measure
 CSoftParsNmssmContains only the NMSSM soft parameters, NOT the MSSM ones
 CNmssmSoftsusyContains all supersymmetric NMSSM parameters, incorporating R_p NMSSM
 CnmsBrevityContains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster
 CNmssmSusyParsContains NMSSM-only part of RPC SUSY parameters end of NmssmSusyPars
 CNmssmSusyContains all SUSY RPC-NMSSM parameters but is not an RGE object end of NmssmSusy
 CNmssmSusyRGEContains all supersymmetric RPC-MSSM parameters and is an RGE end of NmssmSusyRGE
 CNMSSM_inputClass for NMSSM input parameters
 CNMSSM_command_line_parserClass which parses command line options of the NMSSM
 CsPhysicalMasses of the physical particles
 CsProblemVarious boolean values to flag any problems with the parameter point
 CdrBarParsDRbar values of masses and mixings in MSSM
 CRGEDescribes a set of parameters and RGEs in general
 CRpvNeutrinoUpdates an RPV object with loop-corrected neutrino data: use for L violation
 CRpvSoftsusyReal valued R-Parity violating MSSM object: use for UDD couplings
 CRpvSusyParsContains RPV MSSM supersymmetric parameters
 CRpvSoftParsContains RPV MSSM soft SUSY breaking parameters
 CMssmSoftParsSoft SUSY breaking parameters and beta functions
 CAltEwsbMssmA different REWSB condition - given by mu and MA instead of mh1,2
 CMssmSoftsusyContains all supersymmetric MSSM parameters, incorporating R_p MSSM
 CsBrevityContains data needed in beta function calculation to make it faster
 CMssmSusyContains all supersymmetric RPC-MSSM parameters
 CMssmSusyRGEContains all supersymmetric RPC-MSSM parameters
 CComplexDrop-in replacement for the original home-grown Complex class
 CComplexMatrixMatrix of complex double values dimensions (rows x cols)
 CComplexVectorVector of double complex values
 CConstRefConst version of under-object for speed upgrade of linear algebra
 CDoubleMatrixMatrix from 1..rows, 1..cols of double values
 CDoubleVectorDoubleVector is of variable length, and contains double precision
 CIndexableIndexing of xpr type objects
 CMatConstRefConst version of xpr matrix
 CMatIndexableIndexable form of xpr matrix
 CMatXprMatrix form of xpr object
 CMatXprBinOpBinary operator between two matrices
 CMatXprMatMultOpXpr Matrix multiplication
 CMatXprOuterOpOuter form of xpr matrix operator
 CMatXprScalDiagOp1Scalar operator on diagonal parts of xpr matrix
 CMatXprScalDiagOp2Scalar operator on diagonal parts of xpr matrix - different place for const
 CMatXprScalOpScalar operator on xpr matrix
 CMatXprUnaryOpUnary operator on an xpr matrix
 COpAddAdd two xpr objects
 COpMultiplyMultiply two xpr objects
 COpNegateTake the negative of an xpr object
 COpSubtractSubtract two xpr objects
 CParticleParticle class definition for decays
 CTensorThree-index tensor for containing information on RPV couplings
 CXprUnder-object for speed upgrade of linear algebra
 CXprBinOpBinary operator on two xpr objects
 CXprMatMultOpAnother xpr matrix multiplication
 CXprScalOpScalar operator between two xpr object